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Here to help with questions surrounding divorce like:
  1. How much will getting divorced cost?
    While there is no exact dollar amount, there are factors that can make your divorce cost more or less. To put it simply: the more time couples spending arguing during a divorce, the more your divorce will cost. Remember, money is not the only thing being spent here. It is also important to be aware of how much time and emotions are being invested into your divorce.
  2. What is mediation?
    Mediation is a method of dispute resolution that is an alternative to the more traditional courtroom trial. It is the process whereby the parties meet with a trained mediator who attempts to help the parties in reaching an agreement. Mediation is required in Tennessee before the parties proceed to trial and it is an effective way of efficiently resolving your case.
  3. How do I communicate with my spouse during my divorce?

    Communicating with your spouse during a divorce can be very difficult. Some simple guidelines include:

    • Be polite to your spouse. You do not have to like them, but fighting accomplishes very little.
    • Do not enter into private negotiations without your lawyer’s knowledge and advice.
    • Do not make agreements or sign anything without talking to your lawyer first.
  4. How do I talk to my children about divorce?
    It is best to have a caring discussion with your children about divorce. Remind them how much you love them and that the divorce is not a reflection of your feelings towards them. Try to keep the divorce out of their lives as much as possible (do not argue in front of your kids, etc.).
  5. Is reconciliation an option once I have filed for divorce?
    We always support reconciling if at all possible. We encourage exploring alternatives to divorce such as marriage counseling or separation as needed.

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